Saffron that is exceptionally pure, intense in color and rich in flavor

Composition : threads saffron

Origine : saffron (crocus sativus L.) from Khorosan in Iran (Product of organic agriculture)

Net product weight : 1g

Conservation : 24 months when stored in a dry, cool place

With its high coloring and fragrant ability, our saffron comes from the Khorosian region in Iran.

The tradition for saffron-growing is also a link between several generations for the family of the founder of Foodbiotic, which has been growing the spice with passion for many years.

Our saffron stems from organic sources. Organic saffron is grown in our finest plots which are regularly inspected by certifying bodies. Our saffron cultivators put all their know-how to work in order to produce a high quality saffron which is then packaged by us in France.


To free up the whole flavour, colour and aroma of this precious aromatic spice, infuse the saffron in a small amount of hot water for at least ½ hour before using it in a recipe (a soupspoon of hot water, ideally at about 60 °C, for 0.1g of saffron). This will bring out its mellow, enchanting, and discrete taste.

Saffron is soluble in water but may also be infused in a liquid solution with an alcohol base, in milk or fruit juice. Use plastic or stainless steel utensils for your recipes rather than wood as this has absorbent qualities that may reduce the aroma. To preserve saffron’s aromas in your recipes, avoid cooking for too long and at high temperatures. For dishes that require simmering, saffron should be added preferably towards the end of the cooking time.



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