Foodbiotic’s primary responsibility is to guarantee the quality, traceability and safety of the products it sells. Our quality policy, our approach in terms of sustainable development and innovations allow Foodbiotic to combine quality and ethics.


Our quality policy

As part of our quality development, Foodbiotic has defined its quality policy into 5 main areas aimed at developing an appropriate response to all our customers’ requirements/needs.



Providing the appropriate resources for the achievement of our projects and those of our customers

  • Having the necessary qualitatively and quantitatively skills
  • Using the appropriate practices, techniques and means in order to achieve the result



Taking into account, measuring and increasing customer satisfaction

  • Regularly assessing
  • Analysing results
  • Implementing improvement measures



Replying to customer requests within less than a week

  • Developing customer care and focus
  • Constant product innovation


Sustainable development

  • Promoting sustainable agriculture that combines cost-effectiveness, quality and respect for the environment and people


Follow up

  • Being in constant contact with our customers, adapting our strategy to their demands

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