An outstanding natural perfume for our dishes decoration

Composition : Damas rose petals (Rosa Damascena)

Origine : Zaghros Mountains in Iran

Net product weight : 25g

Conservation : 12 months when stored at room temperature

From the same rose trees, dried rose petals are also grown in Zagros Mountains in Iran.

Petals are picked from roses and rose buds by hands, then they are dried separately to guarantee an optimal quality. Petals aren’t chemically treated. Our petals are conditioned in France, after a new quality control. We guarantee an optimal conservation of organoleptic qualities.

In ancient Persia, the variety of rose was used in medicine, cosmetic, perfume, decoration, and food. Nowadays, these roses are still the most popular for perfumers!



In infusion, leave to brew a pinch of rose petals for 5 minutes in your tea or herbal tea.

They can be used as rosebuds to flavour your sweet and savoury dishes. They add flavour and decorate pastries, ice cream and dishes. You can also add them to jellies, jams, rose syrups, potpourri and spice mixes.

In cosmetics, rosebuds can be used in different formulas such as rose lotions, rose bath salts, essential oils, floral water or rose face masks. The queen of flowers has fabulous cosmetic powers. Recommended for all skin types, the rose has moisturizing, softening and regenerating qualities. Refreshing, it soothes sensitive skin. It also tones the skin and its anti-fatigue along with anti-aging benefits are a real asset in cosmetics.


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