developpement durable iran foodbioticFoodbiotic has been committed to a sustainable development policy since its creation

A good ‘terroir’ is always a happy encounter between a saffron grower and Mother Nature. Ethical practice is very important to us and we are committed to supporting our saffron-growing partners in order to perpetuate the growing of outstanding saffron. As part of our sustainable development policy, we provide them with technical support for crop management, harvesting and drying. We try to ensure that our saffron growers have better incomes through various types of partnership for production and pistil removal.

We guarantee sustainable and sound management of our cultivations with respect to working conditions and environment.
With our partners in Iran we are looking for solutions to improve the growing conditions of saffron and other products. Our goal: to offer a complete range of organic produce to our customers in a few years’ time.

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