During Sirha exhibition from 21th to the 25th of January 2017, Foodbiotic will introduce its new range of caviar products: Iranian caviar, Italian caviar and caviar of the world.


Iranian Caviar

These Beluga sturgeons are bred in one of the first Beluga sturgeons farms on the Iranian side of the Caspian Sea. The water of the Caspian Sea has enabled the conservation of all the microclimatic characteristics which have made the Iranian Beluga caviar so famous worldwide. The eggs reach a diameter of ø 3,5 mm.  Grey pattern colour, ranging from black to almost white (Almass). Intense taste, smooth and buttery flavour.



Italian caviar

White sturgeon caviar

Thanks to iranian and italian artisans’ know – how we provide a delightful White Sturgeon caviar. the White sturgeon, also called Acipenser transmontanus, features large eggs (from 2.8 to 3 mm). The color varies from dark gray to slightly clear sometimes with amber veins. Smooth, buttery flavour, lightly iodized.

Siberian caviar

It is produced by the Siberian Sturgeon. The roe has a consistent texture with dimensions varying from 2.5 to 2.7 mm).The color varies with brownish tones from dark to golden. Creamy texture, delicate and soft in the palate,  iodized taste.


Caviar of the world

We offer a large range of caviar of the world including Russian caviar.

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