A call for artists

Here, at Foodbiotic, art is part of our culture: how to live, how to create, how to get started without the watchful eye of artists, without their ideas about the world, men, nature?
Art is seen as a source of innovation, openness and dynamic within our company. Mr Lepers, a passionate man of culture, art lover and founder of Foodbiotic now wishes to combine his company with an artistic project.

Aware that behind each work of art there is a man or a woman, an artist, Foodbiotic wishes to support and assist them through each of their steps. The view towards nature, the love of the land in its diversity will therefore create a link between the artist and the company.

This approach of opening-up to art fits in with our company, we who seek to ensure the sustainable and sound management of our cultures and the environment: respect for people, natural cycles, work transparency and truth of nature.

It also seems essential to raise awareness amoung our customers, suppliers and our visitors to these new challenges and commit to this approach with them.


The Foodbiotic project :

Each season has its artist
Our project being spawn from the desire to share our love of nature with artists, we’ve chosen to have them live in synch with the seasons: each new season we’ll be presenting an artist, his approach, his sensitivity, his works of art…


Travel differently – The great journey of art and life
For us, art is a way to travel, to experience nature, people and the beauty of the world. So we need to bring together artists from different sphers, from closest to farthest. Exchanges and life will stem from variety, confrontation of differences and views!