Saffron harvest




In the Khorasan region in Iran, the saffron crocus harvesting occurred from the 15th of October to the 30th of November. But, this year, the temperatures were really cold especially during the week from the 21th to the 27th of November. The temperature dropped down to -8°C during the night from Wednesday 23rd November to Thursday 24th November in Mashad. Overall, our harvest went on well although part of our fields were frozen. It was the same problem for all fields in the Khorasan region. A loss of 30 tons of saffron is estimated for the Khorasan region.

We would like to share some pictures of our saffron harvesting, a unique event. In order to obtain the precious saffron, three stages have to be followed: harvesting, pistil removal and drying.













Flowers bloomed from the 15th October to the 30th November. As soon as they bloomed, flowers have been harvested manually in order to avoid damaging the precious threads.










After the harvest early every morning during that period, we put the flowers in big boxes.  We selected them and then we extracted the three red threads of each flower during the day.












After the pistils’ removal, we separated the threads from the flowers and pistils are dried.


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